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Do you feel that there has to be more than this?

Do you feel that there has to be another way?

Do you feel that your past is controlling or impacting your life, your future?

Do you feel that there is more available to you?

Does it feel like you are spinning your wheels, stuck on the hamster wheel of life, repeating the same patterns, restricted by the same fears, beliefs and doubts?

Are you feeling lost, disconnected and overwhelmed, unsure of the next step or how you even got here?

I completely understand as I felt the same way.  The one statement that changed my life, not only my health but so much more, was “There has to be another way”.

You are right there is another way for you, but to get there the constraints that are holding you back have to be cleared, released, healed and understood.  Clarity, understanding, compassion, healing and release is needed to pave the path forward.


Your life experiences, trauma and chronic stress impact your life more than we are usually willing to acknowledge.  There is such a great connection between all of the aspects of yourself, how this shows up for you today and how it impacts your future.  If you are feeling any of the above, no doubt you understand this link or are starting to comprehend that everything within you is connected and affected.  Yet you might be unsure or overwhelmed with how to start, where to start, what action to take.  That is ok, I am here to support you through this, empowering you so that you can heal and know what actions to take in the future.

As your coach my aim is to guide you through the pain, frustration, hurt and anger that you are feeling so that you are living and loving life again.  Like you, I want to see you thriving, living a life with purpose, that inspires you each and every day.  I want you to feel like you are building something special.  I want you to feel empowered, to have belief in yourself and know that you have the ability to overcome your past and make your dreams a reality.  I want you to feel healthy again in all the ways.

You are more than the pain you have endured and the struggles that you have faced. I know that you are capable of greatness, of happiness and a life of more ease and grace.


Working with Michelle

Michelle’s aim is for you to feel heard and supported in a space where you feel safe to share without judgement.  This allows for the best transformations to take place.

Michelle’s unique approach consists of:

  • Journeys of inner reflection, connection and wider perceptions.
  • Practices focused on understanding, clarity and self exploration.
  • A mix of holistic counselling and coaching, intertwined with empowerment & life coaching and intuitive guidance.

Michelle’s aim is for you.

  • to heal, understand or release the impact of your life experiences and trauma.
  • to bring calmness to your chronic stress, finding the root cause and helping you to regulate.
  • to reconnecting with your true self.
  • to find improved your health, physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.
  • for you to transform and step into the life that you are ready for and is waiting for you.

Break down the limitations and break through to your fulfilling life


Coaching is offered in monthly packages with varying levels of support to meet you where you are.  This style of coaching helps to facilitate the best transformations as it is tailored to your needs.  This unique style of support provides for faster transformations, growth and empowerment and will be beneficial for those that are ready to say YES to investing in themselves.  Message to find out more.

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