Heart connection brings the healing you are searching for

Hi, I am Michelle, a holistic counsellor & transformation coach and your IBD Support Specialist.  

I believe the key to you living a fulfilling, aligned and calm life lies with what I refer to as Heart-Centredness.  It’s a powerful, transformative solution to feelings of overwhelm, stress, emotional outbursts, illness and disconnection.  Heart-Centredness allows for the life you desire to transpire.

Who is Heart-Centredness for?  The person who is open-minded, willing to try a holistic approach and some self-exploration.

Interested?  Check out Heart-Centred Living if you are ready to be free from emotional outbursts, disconnection, stress, overwhelm and past experiences.

For my IBD-ers or autoimmuners Heart-Centred Healing is for you, I will guide you through the steps that took me from feeling controlled, restricted and helpless with IBD to living free from the limitations and anguish of IBD, free to live life on my terms.

Individual coaching is also available for those interested in an individual approach.

My work is inspired by my own intuitive journey to help my IBD, I did more than that, I consisder myself free from IBD.  My results inspire the work I do today.  Through my studies and experience I know that heart-centredness is key!  You can learn about my personal experience on the about me page.


1:1 Coaching

Teaching you how to partner yourself in a powerful way

Healing Hearts

A Year of You

Meditation Magic

A self paced online meditation course for both the beginner & to enhance your current practice

“I was completely impressed with Michelle’s compassion, empathy, patience and natural ability to guide the discussion and offer very practical ideas and solutions.”

– Georgina, Sydney

“She is friendly, warm and easy to talk to, which creates an open environment to chat freely and honestly.  She’s a true professional – worth every penny”

– Anon, Sydney

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