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Hi, I am Michelle, a holistic counsellor & transformation coach and your IBD Support Specialist.  

I believe that there is a link between your life experiences, trauma and chronic stress and your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  It is why I have chosen to work in this way, in a way that focuses on this connection of mind and body to improve and transform aspects of your life.

From my personal experience, I have a passion for assisting people with autoimmune disease, predominantly IBD.  My path to symptom-free IBD led to the crafting of Steps to Symptom-Free IBD, a 12 week online group program in which I guide you through the steps, methodology and practices that brought me to symptom-free IBD in 2017 and share the practices that help me maintain this state of being.

I understand that this work is beneficial for all and offer individual coaching not only for IBD warriors but you beautiful souls that understand the power of working on your past to pave the way for a brighter future with more awareness, clarity and understanding.  Individual mentorship allows for guidance, space and healing to take place for amazing transformations to unfold.  To find out more about how you can tap into a personalised approach check out my 1:1 coaching.

I truly believe that you are not the sum of your past, you have the power to step into the life that you want, you just might need a little help getting you there and I am here to support that journey.

If you are interested about how I intuitively healed my IBD and the path this lead me on you can learn more about my personal experience on the about me page.


1:1 Coaching

Powerful individualised coaching tailored for you.

Steps to Symptom-Free IBD

A 12 week online group program

Meditation Magic

A self paced online meditation course for both the beginner & to enhance your current practice

“I was completely impressed with Michelle’s compassion, empathy, patience and natural ability to guide the discussion and offer very practical ideas and solutions.”

– Georgina, Sydney

“She is friendly, warm and easy to talk to, which creates an open environment to chat freely and honestly.  She’s a true professional – worth every penny”

– Anon, Sydney

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