Soul Renewal: Mini Retreat

Half day mini-retreat held on the first Sunday of each month, details & book below

Relaxation Meditation

Held on the second Sunday of each month, details & book below

SoulFULL Conversations

Held on the third Wednesday of each month, details & book below

Soul Renewal: Mini Monthly Retreats

This monthly mini retreat is designed to help you reset, fill your soul and connect with your true self.  An afternoon comprising of guided meditation, heart-opening activities and practices to deepen self-awareness and personal growth.  You will be guided through transformative experiences for release and reconnection with your soul purpose and alignment.  Immerse yourself in a safe sacred space where you can let go of stress, embrace tranquility and embark on a SoulFULL journey to more peace and calm.

The mini retreat has been designed to help you rebalance and come back to your place of centre, so you feel aligned.  You will have space to set an intention for the month ahead, check in with yourself, come back to a place of peace and inner connection.  This will help you to find clarity on and stay aligned with your purpose allowing you to wake up inspired and ready to create your fulfilled life.  There will be time for release and finding more calm and flow for your life.

Held on the first Sunday of each month, set aside an afternoon that will leave you feeling refreshed, inspired and nurtured.  We gather from 12.30pm for a 12.45pm start.  The afternoon will include a light nourishing snack accompanied with a selection of herbal teas.  The afternoon will come to a close by 4.30pm.  Rejuvenate yourself for the exchange of $111 per person, packages are available if you would like to make this a regular part of your soulFULL living routine.  Spaces are limited for this soul renewing mini retreat, please confirm your space below.

Details: 12.30pm Sunday 2nd July 2023
Exchange: $111 per person
Location: I Am Mind Body Soul – Wellness Hub, (Shop 1, 146-152 Fern Street, Gerringong, NSW, 2534)

Sunday Relaxation Meditation

Join me for a beautiful group meditation session on the second Sunday of each month.  This is an amazing way to close out your weekend and prepare for the week ahead.  Held in Shellharbour Village at 4.30pm.

Bring a mat and anything you need to relax and support you through this meditative experience.

Exchange: $20 per person, reserve your spot via the link below


Details: TBC – Due to a change in location
Exchange: $20 per person
Location: TBC 

SoulFULL Conversations

This transformative soul-based evening of SoulFULL conversations will ignite healing, personal growth and expansion.  This event is a unique opportunity to delve deep into the realms of the soul, connecting with like-minded individuals in a safe and supportive environment.  Michelle believes that healing and personal growth begins with open and authentic conversations.  This gathering will inspire guided discussions and sharing opportunities to cultivate self-reflection, insight and renewed perspectives. The aim is to provide the opportunity to explore the depths of self, uncovering hidden aspects of yourself and discovery new paths or thought processes.

As a soul-based gathering and through the power of collective wisdom meaningful conversations will be sparked, deep listening and sharing will occur.  This shared experience will provide you with valuable perspectives, connection and build a sense of community, fostering deep connections that can be transformative.  Each conversation will cover a topic point or theme related to healing, personal growth or soul-led living.  Together, as a collective, we will create an atmosphere of trust and encouragement without judgement, allowing your soul’s voice to be heard.

Join us on the third Wednesday of each month at 7pm and let your inner light shine.  Join these soulFULL conversations alongside a community of like-minded people for the exchange of $10 per person.  Spaces are limited to ensure conversations remain powerful and allow for connection, please confirm your spot below.

Details: 7pm Wednesday 21st June 2023
Exchange: $10 per person
Location: I Am Mind Body Soul – Wellness Hub, (Shop 1, 146-152 Fern Street, Gerringong, NSW, 2534)

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