IBD & Autoimmune Support

Support from someone who has lived your experience

Providing emotional and soul support and mentoring for those living with IBD and autoimmune disease.  Helping you to feel less overwhelmed with living with IBD as well as sharing the tools and practices that allowed me to find relief and release from IBD.  Intuitive healing and mentoring to help you find relief and work towards remission.  Connecting you to the mind-body connection and tapping into the body’s innate ability to heal and repair itself.

Living with IBD takes it toll not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well as impacting you on a deep soul level.  I understand the depths of life with IBD, I was diagnosed in 1996/97.

It can be hard for other people to understand the struggles, the impact of this disease on your life, on how you feel, the moments of dispair, frustation, isolation.  Unless you have lived it you can’t truly understand.

This is why I wanted to specialise in supporting IBD Warriors.  I can relate.  I have lived the ups and downs, the rollercoaster that is IBD.

I also know the importance of having a well rounded treatment plan that involves more than medication and surgery.  In 2016 I was intuitively guided to introduce additional ways to support my Ulcerative Colitis.  Within a year I was in deep remission, living life like I had never had IBD, I felt healthy.  My life changed and I want other people to experience the shifts that I have.

I work with you to provide tools and practices to help regulate your inner systems, stress management and inner healing to support physical healing.

With IBD Support I share the tools and practices that helped me heal and reach remission as well providing the support for you to work through the emotional and mental strain that impacts this disease and overall wellbeing.

Heart Centred Healing is a beautiful program if you prefer to work in a group environment for additional support.

If you would prefer a more impactful and individualised approach 1:1 coaching and mentorship is available.  Book your individual IBD support session today.

IBD Individual Support Session: $175
(Online 1 hour)

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