One thing I want to make clear is that I am all for a positive mindset, I think of myself as a fairly positive person.  I like to look at the glass as half-full and try to find the positive in situations even when they don’t go the way that I wanted or hoped.  However, I do feel that it is not possible to be positive 100% of the time.  I am not always happy and I am sure that you feel the same, and you know what, that is totally ok!

I worry that the positive mindset movement has made some people feel that they need to be positive all of the time.  Which I don’t believe is possible without faking it or ignoring your emotions.  It is healthy to feel all the feels, good and bad.  Acknowledge them, understand them and work through them without trying to suppress the bad.  By suppressing your emotions you are not allowing them to be released, which means they are sitting within you.  Having an awareness of your emotions allows you to process and move forward.

Trying to keep a positive mindset at all times doesn’t allow you to acknowledge feelings of sadness, disappointment, fear, anger etc which can mean for some people when these moments arise, they don’t know how to handle the situation.  It can be like a pressure cooker waiting to go off!

It can be confronting to make a shift towards feeling all of the feels but for a truly healthy mindset we need to be able to move through the negative as well as the positive.  This goes for our emotions as well.   I encourage you to start being open to all of your feelings.  When you first start this process ,you might find there are old feelings and emotions to work through and release which can be hard.  As you continue with this journey it will be easier to connect with yourself and how you are feeling, understand why and release the emotion.  There is so much to benefit from in being able to do this.  You will feel lighter, more aware, more connected with self and less like a pressure cooker!

 You don’t have to do this alone, look for support in a way that suits you.  There are so many options out there, counselling, helplines, support groups, coaches, healers like myself and so on.  I also encourage you to reward yourself as you progress with a little self-care, whatever works for you, massage, spa treatment, movie, bath etc you know what self-care you enjoy, do it, pamper yourself as a reward.

I am all for positivity but feel for a truly healthy mindset we need to acknowledge all that we feel as humans.  I am not perfect and at times need to remind myself to check in with my emotions and feel them.  We are all works in progress, moving forward one step at a time.  Be kind to you x

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