Energy healing is the channelling of positive and cleansing energy through the healer to the client.  There are varying techniques to how this energy is delivered to the client.  These include hand placement on the client’s body or a non-contact approach.  I use a non-invasive, non-contact approach, hovering my palms facedown above each of the charkas.  Clients remain fully clothed during a healing session, lying face up on a massage table.

The aim of energy healing is to help restore harmony and energic balance within the energy system.  As the energy is channelled to the client via the practitioner the practitioner aims to clear, balance and energise energy fields.  The intention is to aid stimulation of physical energy flow within the body, helping to facilitate the healing process.

But what is this energy that I keep referring to?  This energy is thought of as the vitality that gives life and direction to all matter.  For centuries holistic/alternative medicine has centred around this vital energy or life force.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine this energy is referred to as QI (pronounced “chee”).  It is believed that a balanced flow of QI has the ability to strengthen, energise and heal the body.  Ayurveda medicine has its principles based around energy, which is referred to as prana.

Energy healing is a gentle process with the goal of balancing the energy flow within.  The aim is to reduce stress and anxiety, and promote overall wellbeing.  It may also aid with sleep, mood and physical pain.  Overall energy healing should be a pleasant, peaceful and blissful experience however there is the possibility of old memories and traumas arising as the energy works through the body.  For this reason, before starting any healing session I highlight this and assure the client that we can stop at any time if it becomes too much.  I also recommend letting emotions be expressed if they need to be released, this is part of the process of clearing blockages.  Most people find energy healing an enjoyable experience, feeling relaxed afterwards and feeling that a weight has been lifted.

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