It’s a part of my daily routine to write out my goals, to put them out there into the universe to bring them into reality.  You could say it’s a part of my morning ritual.  Recently I have come away from this part of my morning routine.  Life became hard, lockdown, feeling defeated searching for my new home, my business stalling because of Covid restrictions, feeling like a failure and a sense of overwhelm.  It’s times like these that staying in our rituals, having normality is important but I let it slide, I am human and sometimes I balls things up.  Today I have made a commitment to adding this important step back into my morning routine.  So, I thought that I would share with you how and what I do to help manifest abundance in my life.


What is manifesting?

In short manifestation/manifesting is to make something happen.  Sounds pretty simple right?  It is but you have to be clear in your intentions and desires.  It works through the Law of Attraction.  If we think something repeatedly our energy and vibration attracts that.  Sure, sometimes you don’t get what you want because something better is coming that is better aligned.  I heard this saying which I love “what is for me will not miss me and what misses me wasn’t for me”.  Is this always an easy pill to swallow? No, but when you allow life to flow you can see the magic unfold and things will fall into place as they were meant to.


How can I manifest?

This is a personal process and you have to find a way that works for you that you know you will stick with.  However, you do have to repeat it, you can’t just put it out there once.  Show the universe you are serious.  This is why I write mine down each day.  It also helps me focus on where I am heading.  You can’t just put it out there and wait for your desires to be delivered.  You still have to put in the work, the opportunities will appear but you do have to look for them and create space for them.  I wouldn’t have found my new home just writing down “new place to live”, I also have to look for it, allowing the universe to guide me in the right direction, bringing the right opportunity when it is aligned.

Here are some techniques that you can try:

  • You can visualise your desires. Meditate on them.  Really bring them into focus in your mind’s eye.  How you will get there.  Bringing the details to life, even the way that you will feel.
  • Speak them out loud each morning.
  • Write them down each day.
  • Do a vision board and place it somewhere you can see it each day.
  • Write them down, place them somewhere you can see them and read them out each day.
  • Record them and then play them as you meditate.


Be Specific

Think of it like ordering a meal in a restaurant you don’t just say “I’ll have a main”.  Or you don’t ask someone to bring you something to eat, you ask for what you want.  Being specific gives your desires more power.  So, like when ordering a steak as your main you explain your desire for medium, medium-rare, rare, etc.  Be specific.  One of the goals that I have been manifesting is “move into my own place by October 2021”.  This past week I found my home, it has everything that I wanted, green outdoor space for my dog, a room for an office, garage, and in a semi-rural location close to my family.  Oh, and the completion date is in October!  I was specific about what I wanted and when it was aligned everything fell into place.  I am not saying that it was easy.  I had to look for the house.  I viewed houses, put in offers, to be honest I was starting to feel defeated with the whole process and then this place appeared and I know that there was a reason everything else had not worked out.  I even said this to one of the agents when I was out-bid, it wasn’t meant for me and this happened for a reason.  And now that reason is clear.



My list is a variety of long and short term goals.  A mix of business and personal goals.  Each day I am putting them out there into the universe and looking for signs and ways to make them a reality.  Do I believe that they will happen?  YES.  This is important, you have to believe in what you are asking for.  If we are not confident in what we are asking for, if we ask with sarcasm, how does that sound to others, including the universe.  Think of the conversations that you have with others, when they speak with conviction you believe what they are saying, you believe in them.  It is the same with the universe and yourself belief.  Say your desires with conviction, say them like you mean it, say it like you believe it will transpire, say it with confidence, say it with belief!


Manifesting is a powerful tool and its why I am bringing it back into my morning ritual.  Each day I will write with belief in my mind that these desires will come true and I will look for signs and opportunities to move towards them and make them my reality.  I invite you to do the same.

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