As I sit here listening to the rain falling, hearing the gentle rhythm it makes against the roof, I am reminded that we are shifting into a new season.  I have always found autumn to be a magically time.  There is so much beauty around us as nature heads into this period of change, making room for new growth, new experiences, new beginnings.  The leaves on the trees are such a beautiful representation of this as they turn, gently changing from shades of greens to vibrant oranges, reds and yellows, before shedding them as nature prepares for a period of rest before allowing a new period of growth to commence.  

 As humans I believe we also go through these same stages, I know that I have and I hope that I continue to as I open myself to more learning, knowledge and understanding.  I feel that I have recently gone through a major shift as I have moved through the ascension program with the Ashati institute.  This period has allowed me to better connect and understand my true inner self, connecting with my intuition, my purpose, my spirit and my essence.

 It can be daunting as we move through these periods of change, wondering where this transition will lead us, how will people react to this growth within ourselves, will people still like the person that you are evolving into.  These are all concerns and questions that I ask myself as I go through any change periods, there have been many in my life.  These periods of change were not just about personal growth but changes in my circumstances, outer and inner changes.

Change is not easy, I have faced rejection, questions around why, and battled with the inner voice, the ego that resists.  What I have learnt is that the people that truly love and accept me for me are still here, they are some of my biggest cheerleaders and support network, new people and situations entered my world to fill the places that were left by others and I am more comfortable and accepting of myself.  As I step more and more into my truth and act from my heart with honest and true intentions, just like nature, I flourish.

Change is not all rainbows, happiness, smiles and fluffiness.  Change is hard, there are tears, fear, uncomfortableness, it can be dark, painful, confronting but the end result, oh the end result, it is amazing.  It’s like the transformation of moth to butterfly.  I have found my wings and I am ready to fly in all my beauty.  On today’s grey, dark, dreary day I have a beautiful reminder that as seasons come and go in both nature and within ourselves, within myself, it is all part of this journey called life.

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